Who we are

An initial team of four mothers, wives but above all women, different in experience and attitude, but cohesive in the need to innovate, aware of the fact that simplicity is always the most complicated way.
Thus the first project dedicated to the home was born, a step ahead that makes possible what tireless youtubers have tried to achieve without success.
It all started 12 months ago trying to find the fastest and least stressful way to change the Duvet Cover realizing that the "challenge" was really exciting: Videos of all genres offer more or less orthodox methods and at the limit of the paradox.
"It would take something open on the sides in order to insert the Duvet and then close, like a zipper", we thought.
The solution materialized almost by chance, watching some old videos on Youtube.
And after filing the PATENT here we are to propose the INNOVATION: a real and proper Revolution in making beds, at least during the cold season.

ClipToSleep®   -   The easiest way to make your bed